Connecting fitness & well-being content with classroom instruction
Connecting fitness & well-being content with classroom instruction

Connecting fitness & well-being content with classroom instruction

A streaming video library that connects quality vetted, engaging, and interactive fitness and well-being video content and supplemental resources with K-5 instruction.

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What we are all about

Studies show that increasing physical activity among students not only helps them improve physically, but also prevents illness, and improves them mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, and academically.

But that's just the surface. To further improve whole-child well-being, we're focusing on 7 topic areas that address key areas of support needed for today's learners.

By aligning content to classroom instruction, we save teachers' and parents' time while helping them meet mandates - not to mention we're helping to fight sedentary behaviors and tackle mental health issues through fitness and engaging content! 

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Stay active and learning - anywhere, anytime!

Our interactive adventures are for students of all abilities to be used right in the classroom - no special equipment required - ties into existing technology!

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Frequently Asking Questions

What is included in a subscription plan?

Members with an active subscription will receive full access to all videos and supporting resources throughout the duration of your term. You'll also automatically receive access to new content as it's added along with priority access to contests, special events, and more!

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes, our website and videos are compatible on mobile devices, but the best viewing experience is through a computer, Smart Board, or projector screen in the classroom.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes! We absolutely accept purchase orders. Please email your PO to

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! With the selection of a Monthly or Annual plan, all members will automatically receive 7 days of free access. You can cancel at any time.

Can I use this at home?

Absolutely! Parents and homeschooling families are encouraged to sign up to continue the adventures at home. Check out this flyer for more info.

How do I know your videos are age-appropriate for my kids/students?

All of our content is created under the guidance of educational, health, and fitness professionals to ensure not only alignment with educational standards, but also age-appropriate exercises for the safety of your learner. Take a look at a sample standards alignment guide for one of our programs.

What our customers are saying

Mike D. - Kentucky

As a physical education teacher, I love Adventure 2 Learning! I signed up for access to the Mr. Marc videos, but I have found so much more. This is a great tool for all teachers. Students are engaged and have fun with the different videos.

Amanda H. - Maryland

A2L is ALWAYS a hit when we use it for indoor PE. My students tell me about their adventures with Mr. Marc and are excited about getting sweaty! I love the way the activities are interdisciplinary and interesting. The students truly do learn while they were moving. This was an absolutely awesome tool to be able to add to my physical education curriculum, and I encourage other classroom teachers to use it as well. There are so many great ways to incorporate into daily lessons.

Ken M. - Washington

Finally. A site that has trusted content, is easy to use, and my students love it. No more YouTube!