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Happy Valentine's Day! 💖

We love to spread the love of physical activity, especially on this special day! Here's a fun Valentine's Day workout you can do with your kiddos to help spread love and positivity.

Remember, physical activity is a great way to show love to your body and mind. So, make sure to give your body the love it deserves this Valentine's Day and every day!

#KeepItMoving #valentines

Our content approach to supporting whole-child well-being is centered around 7 topic areas, all of which can be tied to classroom instruction and core competencies. By providing educators with easy-to-use supporting content in these areas, students can learn, relate, and engage while moving towards a more confident and resilient future.

December 12, 2022

Hi friends! We've got some exciting holiday-themed fitness fun lined up just in time for quick fitness bursts pre-or post-holiday classroom party. Got 10 minutes or less? We've got you covered! Head to the Catalog and let's get moving!

November 29, 2022
• Edited (Dec 12, 2022)

We are so excited to see you in our brand-new community!

Our mission at A2L is 3-fold:

  1. To save you time by connecting our fitness & well-being content with classroom-based instruction.

  2. To inspire your students to lead healthier lifestyles by combating sedentary behavior and mental health issues through fun and adventure.

  3. Create a community of educators passionate about supporting the mental, physical, and academic wellness of their students and supporting one another as teachers across the country.

Feel free to share your stories, struggles, or inspiration by hitting the “New Post” button.