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Feb 14 at 08:47 AM

📣 Attention Chicago Public School Educators: 

A2L has been included as a contract award winner for CPS for educational technology products and services!

This $27M board-approved pool allows CPS schools and classrooms to purchase access to our site and resources using these funds!

Contact us today to get started and take advantage of this incredible opportunity for teachers and learners in Chicago.

Email: for more info 🌟


Feb 06 at 09:00 AM

Did you know that our school-wide memberships are now only $1 per student? AND if you have a current Annual Subscription plan as an individual, we'll apply your subscription as a credit toward your school plan. Contact us to get a custom quote today! 


Sep 07 at 01:08 PM

A2L invites teachers from around the world to join our "MeteoHeroes' Eco-Adventure Challenge" during Environmental Awareness Month. This exciting challenge encourages educators to incorporate the MeteoHeroes' videos into their classroom lessons and engage their students in activities that promote environmental awareness and action. New videos are added weekly throughout the month of September.

Challenge Details:

Objective: Inspire students to care for the environment and take meaningful actions to protect it while using MeteoHeroes' Video Podcast Adventures.

Duration: The challenge will run throughout the month of September 2023.

Steps to Participate:

  1. Register: Teachers can sign up for the challenge on Registration is free.

  2. Access MeteoHeroes' Videos: Participants will gain access to a curated selection of MeteoHeroes' Video Podcast Adventures that focus on environmental topics like climate change, renewable energy, conservation, and more.

  3. Integrate MeteoHeroes' Videos: Teachers are encouraged to incorporate these videos into their classroom lessons. They can use them to introduce environmental concepts or as a supplement to existing curriculum.

  4. Engage Students: Encourage students to watch the videos and participate in discussions about the environmental issues presented. Teachers should foster a classroom environment where students are encouraged to ask questions and share their thoughts.

  5. Create User Content: Teachers and students are challenged to create user-generated content that showcases what they are doing in their classrooms to care for the environment. This can include photos, videos, essays, art projects, or any other creative medium.

  6. Share on Adventure 2 Learning Community: Participants will upload their user-generated content to A2L's Community platform, creating a dedicated section for the "MeteoHeroes' Eco-Adventure Challenge." This allows teachers and students to showcase their efforts and inspire others.

  7. Engage in Discussions: Encourage classrooms from across the country to engage with each other by commenting on and discussing the shared content. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are essential components of this challenge.


  1. Recognition: The most inspiring and impactful user-generated content will be featured on and across our social media platforms, giving recognition to both teachers and students.

  2. Certificates: All participants will receive digital certificates of participation.

  3. Educational Resources: Top-performing classrooms will gain complimentary access to additional educational resources, including more MeteoHeroes' content and other related materials at no cost for 12 months. 

  4. Community Impact: By participating, teachers and students contribute to the global effort to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire positive actions.

Let's embark on this exciting eco-adventure with the MeteoHeroes and empower the next generation of environmental stewards. Together, we can make a real difference for our planet!


Sep 06 at 08:41 AM

Episode 1 of #MeteoHeroes' Podcast Video Adventures is now streaming!

Watch the latest episode here 👉

Tell colleagues, co-workers, friends, and family - they can access it for FREE. 

A great way to support climate literacy lesson plans and to celebrate Environmental Awareness Month!


Aug 18 at 02:08 PM

Happy to announce that Meteo Expert and Kenn Viselman have teamed up to produce and launch “The MeteoHeroes’ Adventures Podcast Series.” This trail-blazing all-inclusive podcast is being hosted by Brianna Colson a 24-year-old on the autism spectrum, a self-proclaimed MeteoHeroes uber-super fan, and is the first phase of a massive climate education initiative and will be offered free to schools across America.
Season I of The MeteoHeroes Adventures podcast will consist of 53 episodes and will also be available wherever podcasts are found including Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music & Google Podcast with the first two episodes dropping weekly on Mondays starting on August 14th, and a recap episode, “MeteoHeroes Fun Facts” on Thursdays. 

Adventure 2 Learning will be the exclusive provider of these video podcasts to schools starting the week of Aug 28th in celebration and acknowledgment of Environmental Awareness Month for September! 

Read more here:

Stay tuned for the first video release found on A2L on Aug 28!


Jul 20 at 02:12 PM

Meets tomorrow!

Blooming Strengths Sangha is a weekly space to cultivate our mindfulness & strengths practice.

Fridays at:
9am Eastern
2pm Ireland / UK
15:00 CET

All welcome - Zoom link and details are here:

#characterstrengths #plumvillage #plumvillagecommunity #thichnhathanh


Jul 05 at 08:43 AM

Happy Minds, Loving Hearts - mindfulness course for teachers

Event by Orlaith O'Sullivan, PhD


This is a four-week course to:

- nourish your heart with kindness
- establish an open, peaceful presence, so that you can be present for yourself and others
- learn fun & creative mindfulness activities to share with others (the activities and resources shared will be aimed at primary school age children, but there are many adaptations for teens and for adults, so all educators / parents are most welcome)
- connect with other teachers to support and learn from each other


- online, meeting on Zoom
- 90 minutes per week
- our class is an experiential space, so we practice together and share our reflections
- the class is offered in English
- weekly resources (printables & guided meditations)

Date & Time:

Starts Thursday July 6th, at 1pm-2.30pm Ireland / 14:00-15:30 CET / 7pm-8:30pm UTC+7.

The following sessions are at the same time on Thursdays July 13th, July 20th, and July 27th.


The course is offered by donation.

Event link:


Jul 02 at 07:00 PM

Wishing all of our A2L members, family, and friends a safe and happy 4th of July holiday!


White Blue Red Happy Indepe...


Apr 10 at 02:20 PM

Adventure 2 Learning is honored to be a new member of the BuyBoard family. Being awarded as a vendor with BuyBoard provides thousands of potential state and local government entity buyers with direct access to A2L through their streamlined procurement process in which they have stringently vetted the vendors allowed on their platform.

BuyBoard’s unique RFQ and PO functionality will allow A2L to respond to volume pricing requests and receive approvals in a matter of days, versus weeks or months, from the typical formal bid/proposal process.

To learn more about our contract areas, catalog, and pricing, please visit or contact us today!


Apr 06 at 03:30 PM

Celebrate #EarthMonth with Adventure 2 Learning! By taking care of yourself mentally and physically, you can better care for our beautiful planet! #keepitmoving #adventure2learning #kidsfitness #mentalhealth #SEL